Financial Independence

Here, you can learn more about how to achieve financial independence and achieve financial freedom.

To be financially independent, your assets make enough money for you to live off those assets for the rest of your life. At least, that’s the theory :-)

Most importantly, enjoy the path to becoming financially independent.

prepare to FIRE

7 Ways to Prepare to FIRE

As you prepare to FIRE, and enter early retirement,here’s 7 ways to get yourself best placed to make your post retirement life a success.

8 Stages of Financial Independence

Stages of Financial Independence – 8 Steps to Freedom

As you pass through your life, you inevitably find yourself at different stages of financial independence. Some stages you might pass through quickly, some drag out for years, and still others you may never achieve. If you want to control your money life, you should be able to quickly recognize which stage of financial independence …

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Financial Independence FlowChart

Financial Independence Flowchart – 100% easy method to follow your FIRE path

Some people are readers. Others are visual learners. Here I’ve put together a Financial Independence Flowchart that I follow to assess my own status around financial freedom. The Financial Independence Flowchart How to use the Financial Independence Flowchart The flowchart infographic is intended to be super-easy to use. Simply start at Start Here and answer …

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What moves my net worth?

Do I REALLY understand what moves my Net Worth?

Net worth is the market value of everything you own, and everything you owe. But do I REALLY know what moves my net worth?

9 ways you’re getting the Financial Independence Formula wrong

Here are 9 ways people are getting the Financial Independence Equation wrong and how to fix them.

I Want to be a Millionaire

If you want to be like the millionaire next door, an awesome first step is to calculate how far away from being a millionaire you are today.

Financial Independence Formula Calculator

Use this Financial Independence Formula Calculator to experiment with different safe withdrawal rates and annual expenses.

How to calculate your Financial Independence target

This infographic reveals how to best calculate your initial target for achieving financial freedom, using the financial independence formula.

Financial Independence Infographics

Here, you’ll find a collection of infographics, memes and quotes intended to simplify the more complex ideas around reaching financial freedom.

Best Financial Independence Resources

There are many wonderful resource available to help you become financially free. Here, I listed the financial independence resources that I use and enjoy.