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14 UK Money Podcasts that you can’t miss

UK Money Podcasts that will help you manage your finances, save money, and perhaps reach financial freedom.

Getting your finances in order can give you the much-needed peace of mind to live comfortably. Whether you want to start saving money, learn how to fix your financial issues, or stay up-to-date with the latest financial news, you can find a UK money podcast to help you.

Every month it seems like there are more podcasts being launched to help Brits with their money. This list contains some of the UK money podcasts that I listen to. Listed in no particular order. Really, the more you listen, the more you will learn. So get your expansive mindset hat on and get downloading. Find the shows that work best for you and listen regularly.

List of 14 great UK Money Podcasts

#1 Cash Chats

Cash Chats is a twice-weekly show presented by Andy Webb. On this UK money podcast, the presenter invites and talks with money bloggers, writers, and other experts that can provide you with valuable insights. Moreover, Andy Webb covers freebies and investments so that you can start making a profit.

#2 Deep, Down & Desi: All About the Money

Launched by the BBC Asian Network, Deep, Down & Desi: All About the Money is a money podcast that will explain everything you needed to know about finances. Rahat Siddique and Faarea Masud are trying to make you understand the world of finances, going through topics that extend from the housing crisis to digital banks.

#3 In her Financial Shoes

In her Financial Shoes is a money podcast UK hosted by Catherine Morgan, and it is a show dedicated to women, including female entrepreneurs. The main goal of the show is to teach women more about personal finance. Therefore, it gives you insights on the right money mindset, and offers you practical tips to make the management of your finances easier than ever before. 

#4 Informed Choice

Informed Choice is a personal finance twice-weekly podcast hosted by Martin Bamford. On this podcast, you will learn all the latest finance news, as well as advice that will help you invest smarter. The host often invites best-selling authors, thought leaders, and personal finance experts on the show so that you can expand your horizons and have a more in-depth view of the field.

#5 Making Money Moves

Making Money Moves is a UK money podcast launched by Janet’s List and hosted by Janet Oganah and Adonica Simmons. On this podcast, you will find interesting conversations with female entrepreneurs that talk about the difficulties of launching their successful businesses. The show aims to establish a conversation on money, the right mindset, and diversity.

#6 Meaningful Money

If you are looking for a money podcast that will educate you, then Meaning Money is that one for you. Pete Matthew is a financial planner in Cornwall that believes that personal finance is simple. The podcast is full of tips and tricks that make financial planning as simple as possible so that you can start making sense of money.

#7 Money 101

The BBC Sounds series Money 101 is hosted by Bae Duncan, who has set on a quest to learn more about finances and clear the most common misconceptions that surround the field. On every episode, the host is joined by the GH finance editor Kalpana Fitzpatrick who explains each episode’s topic. This UK money podcast is the ideal one for a younger audience.

#8 Money Box

Money Box is a radio programme that you can listen to every Saturday morning on BBC Radio 4. The financial journalist Paul Lewis covers all the latest financial news and shares tips on how to make the most of your money. If you can’t catch the programme live, you can listen to it as a podcast. 

#9 Money to the Masses

Money to the Masses is a very informative UK money podcast hosted by Damien Fahy, a finance and investment expert. In every episode, he will guide you through the complicated field of your finances and give you tips on spending and saving money. The podcast will be exceptionally useful to you if you are planning on investing.

#10 Squanderlust

Squanderlust is a podcast that focuses on the emotional side of money. Martha Lawton and Alex Lemon explore all those things about money that might make you anxious and keep you awake at night. On this podcast, you will learn about the pitfalls of finance and debt, as well as the dangers of procrastination.

#11 The Financial Wellbeing Podcast

The author of The Financial Wellbeing Book Chris Budd, the financial planner Tom Morris, and David Lloyd have joined forces on The Financial Wellbeing Podcast. This show examines a lot of the things that relate to money and mental health, providing you with useful tips on how to release your anxiety. The hosts are frequently joined by various finance experts that provide you with useful insight.

#12 This Is Money

This Is Money is a UK money podcast with a new episode every Friday. The show is hosted by Simon Lambert and Georgie Frost, who comment on the financial news of the week. This is an excellent show to stay up-to-date and get financial predictions, advice, guides, and opinions.

#13 The Which? Money Podcast

The Which? Money Podcast is hosted by Lucia Ariano, Gareth Shaw, and Jenny Ross, all finance experts. Through their podcast, this team is offering tips that will help you increase your income, from your savings to balance transfers. You can find a new episode every Thursday.

#14 Wake Up to Money

Wake Up to Money is a radio show that you can listen to every weekday at 5 am on BBC Radio 5. The show is hosted by Adam Parsons and Louise Cooper is offering her financial expertise. On this podcast, you will find a bit of everything, from the latest financial news to tips on saving and investing. Every episode is available for download after 7 am. 

These money podcasts will help you understand finance and start saving money. Find the one that suits your needs and educate yourself on this complicated topic.

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