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Hello, good evening and welcome to Blue Sky Money. A personal finance blog to share ideas, insight and opinion about financial freedom, Financial Independence, FIRE, and getting the most from your money.

Here, we try to solve the money conundrum to take you towards financial independence – how best to make money, spend money and invest money. So let us tell you about our mission.

The Blue Sky Money mission

Our mission is to make make understanding money as easy as possible.

Whether you are new to making your money work, a FIRE obsessive or just looking for some new ideas on how to get the most out of your earning, look no further. There’s nothing to be afraid of.

Key areas in the world of money to cover off

  • Money Basics – if you’re a beginner or want to refresh on the basics around net worth, expenses and income start here.
  • Financial Independence – if you’re more advanced and want to learn about how to achieve financial independence.
  • Spend Less – to learn how to reduce you’re spending
  • Make More – lo learn how to earn more
  • Invest Better – to learn how to take the money you’ve saved and make it work for you
  • Money Tools – fun and useful resources, calculators, and tools to help you on your journey
  • Financial Freedom Fairy Tales – Financial freedom fairy tales and stories for all the family

Enjoy yourself.

What to find out more

You can find the full blog here, or find out more about Blue Sky Money.

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