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Compound Interest Calculator

This Compound Interest Calculator allows you to quickly see how your money grows over time.

9 ways you’re getting the Financial Independence Formula wrong

Here are 9 ways people are getting the Financial Independence Equation wrong and how to fix them.

What Is My Net Worth?

What Is My Net Worth?

What is my net worth? Net Worth is the market value of all of your assets and liabilities. Net Worth could also be described as your net assets. Net worth is all about the cash

Financial Freedom Calculators and Tools

We’ve develop several calculators to help you visualise your journey towards financial independence.

Savings Rate calculator

This Savings Rate calculator lets you find out how many years until you are financially independent based on your savings rate.

I Want to be a Millionaire

If you want to be like the millionaire next door, an awesome first step is to calculate how far away from being a millionaire you are today.

Financial Independence Formula Calculator

Use this Financial Independence Formula Calculator to experiment with different safe withdrawal rates and annual expenses.

How to calculate your Financial Independence target

This infographic reveals how to best calculate your initial target for achieving financial freedom, using the financial independence formula.

Financial Independence Infographics

Here, you’ll find a collection of infographics, memes and quotes intended to simplify the more complex ideas around reaching financial freedom.

Best Financial Independence Resources

There are many wonderful resource available to help you become financially free. Here, I listed the financial independence resources that I use and enjoy.